About Charmington’s

When the Café at bluehouse shut the doors of its Harbor East location in February 2009, its owners, management, and staff could have gone their separate ways. Instead, eight of us purchased the used café equipment, put our heads together, and began strategizing a future where we were equal partners in a new venture.

One year later, our vision is closer to reality. After viewing numerous potential locations, we have signed a lease for a space on the first floor of Miller’s Court, a renovated building on North Howard Street at 26th Street, for our new venture: Charmington’s, a name that stems from the neighboring Charles Village and Remington neighborhoods.

Charmington’s conceptually is very similar to the Café at bluehouse: our goal is to serve organic coffee and locally produced food in a comfortable setting. And we want to go one step further than that. Just as Charmington’s has brought us together again, we want the venue to be a place for people from the neighborhood, people from Miller’s Court, students from Johns Hopkins, and our old customers from bluehouse to come together.

Charmington’s is expected to open in the spring of 2010 at 2601 North Howard Street, Baltimore, MD.


25 Responses to “About Charmington’s”

  1. New cafe in Remington will most likely be charming « The Alligator Says:

    […] Charmington’s […]

  2. Susan Weis Says:

    so excited! love everyone invovled and the process of how you created the cafe.

  3. Lauretta Buscher Says:

    Congratulations! I hope you and your friends are very successful in your new venture!

  4. Tony Says:

    As long as we’re clear that you’re IN Charles Village…Remington starts west. (And yes, both community associations will want to claim you–but it really, really is CV.)

  5. The Notorious D.G.D Says:

    @Tony The only way Charmington’s would truly be in both neighborhoods is if it were in the middle of the street. If you really lose sleep over stuff like their paying respect to other neighborhoods, perhaps you should stick to the decaf.

  6. Greater Remington Improvement Association » Blog Archive » Charmington’s Opening soon Says:

    […] https://charmingtons.wordpress.com/about/ […]

  7. Mary Alice Says:

    Omigosh omigosh! This is the best news ever. Everyone at Charm City Cakes is VERY EXCITED for you to open! We so need this in our area. Hooray!

  8. A New Cafe and Socks « Baltimorean Says:

    […] ‘organic coffee and locally produced food in a comfortable setting’ (according to their website).  The estimated opening date is spring 2010 (hopefully by then we’ll also have a Charles […]

  9. hilary Says:

    Yay! I live on Hampden and 26th and am super excited to walk a block and get some delicious coffee! We really need some awesome businesses in the hood.

    And whoever the guy is that’s being a total buzz kill about the whole yours/mine issue of where the cafe sits…..seriously…. Chill, dude. Look, we all need for more businesses to open in this end of town that will bring positive change.

  10. Richard Says:

    Build a place that has some vegetarian food and I will spend some evenings there.

    “Greenie” on Huntingdon Avenue

  11. Tom Says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood! Any word on when those eye-sore garages across the street will be re-purposed/sold.

  12. Richard Says:

    HI Charmington’s folks, nice to see you at the GRIA meeting! Looking forward to spending some time there with my darling.

  13. Annie P. Says:

    So excited! I would love to be there for the grand opening. Do you have a date?

  14. Shari Says:

    Finally! I’ve been hoping for a neighborhood place like this, especially supportive of local produce. I live right next door and plan on being there every day. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  15. Beth Says:

    Hey there! I’m a barista (3 years exp.) and I live at the other end of your block! Can I work for you? You look like an adorable cafe!

  16. Natasha Says:

    We are a local property management company in the neighborhood who would think many of our residents would be interested in your services. Please keep us posted on your opening date and if we can add you to our community newsletter. Also, are you planning on doing any promotions for local businesses?

    Natasha Sumner

  17. Akira Says:

    How can I apply for a job with Charmingtons

  18. Chenster Says:

    Will you there be good old board games?!

  19. ninemousestew.com » a welcome addition to the neighborhood Says:

    […] name (Charmington’s) for the place made me slightly skeptical. However, when I read why the name was chosen I admit it started to grow on me. I had the time this weekend to walk there and check it out. […]

  20. christina Chambreau Says:

    I just ate at Charmington and was charmed. These young people have done a GREAT job. Love the food and the ambiance and the sustainable aspects and the locally sourced food (when possible). They are busy – let’s keep them busy. to think they did this on their own is awe inspiring.

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