Treats, indulgences, and malevolent elves


I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been glued to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  Well, sort of lightly glued, as (wait for it!) I Don’t Own a TV*, so I catch it on Hulu, which depends on me having free time, a decent internet connection, and nothing else to come along and claim my attention.

Still, I’ve managed to mostly-watch every episode so far.  I’ve seen the truck of lard, and the kids who couldn’t use a knife and fork, and the school officials who patiently explain over and over again that their jobs depend on straight-facedly calling French fries a vegetable.

It’s interesting on a personal level, because like I mentioned a few posts back, some vicious elves (or maybe sprites: not sure about the taxonomy on this one) have been tightening my pants, and I’m trying to fight them.   I hear they hate vegetables and sweat, so that’s what I’ve been using to ward them off.

It’s gotten me thinking, though, about cafe offerings.  I know, for example, that we’re not going to be serving ultra-jumbo muffins.  It is because we don’t have any giant muffin pans.  I know we’re going to do our best to incorporate in some local food, some organic food, and above all some fresh food, but I know that the bananas in the vegan banana bread probably aren’t coming from a local garden patch.

I know, too, that when I want a muffin, or a cookie, or some other indulgent treat, I kind of want the real deal.  I’d rather sub out my bagel for a salad sometimes than spread it with a thin layer of lite cream cheese, and sometimes, I want that bagel to be made of sparkling white processed flour, with no flecks of stuff. And, I’d rather have the occasional whole milk latte and drink black coffee the rest of the time (even though skim milk foams better, if we’re being frank.)

But, I also want Charmington’s patrons to feel at home there, and eat there on a regular basis.  I don’t want to enforce my all-or-nothing snack views on a defenseless populous.  I’d feel like a spectral Jamie Oliver was about to bust in and dump a truck of lard in my parking lot. So I must ask: what’s you favorite semi-healthy, semi-indulgent snack?  Or entirely healthy snack that feels like an indulgence to you?

*I watch a lot of TV for someone who DOATV, FYI, BFFs.


2 Responses to “Treats, indulgences, and malevolent elves”

  1. Mercy Less Says:

    I am totally addicted to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on Hulu as well, and I watch every fresh episode as soon as it appears in my queue! I think a variety of treats would be great…but I’m only likely to drop by to eat about twice a year since I’m a few thousand miles down the street, so don’t mind me…

  2. Curly V Says:

    With a nice blend of spices and some olive oil I find that many vegetable based dishes can be made absolutely irresistible. So I guess that means that I like the healthy stuff that feels like an indulgence. At the same time though I don’t like to skimp on the flavor for the sake of being overly fat-less. I just don’t like when it is excessive. So… if you can make a delicious dandelion cookie (as someone I know does) using a combination of applesauce and less butter, you don’t always need to make baked goods with sticks and sticks of butter (like other people I know).

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