Little things


As we get closer to opening, Team Charm is working on the stuff-gathering process.  A few weeks ago, Kris and some hero friends of his cleared out our entire storage space, and moved the contents into our new storage room in Miller’s Court.  They got everything, even the massive refrigerator.  (Unless there is a happy change, you will see this refrigerator right down in the cafe, because it seems to be too large to fit through a few key doors…whoopsie.)

We were able to purchase most of the cafe at bluehouse’s old equipment, so Charmington’s has a head start there, but we have more ambitious food goals at Charmington’s, and so we’re getting more equipment as well, like an oven of our own.  While we’ve been scouring restaurant auctions and similar sources for the big stuff, we’re trying something else for the little things: We’re asking around.

The more specialized a kitchen gadget is, the more likely it’s going to sit around unused for years, jamming up your drawers and cabinets.   So, we’re asking our friends and neighbors and anyone who wants to see our ragtag little cafe to succeed to look inside their drawers and cabinets and to see if anything looks lonesome.

We have a loose list of things we could use here at Alternative Gift Registry, but what the heck, challenge us, right?  We’ll take more obscure items, and more practical ones as well.  (Sadly, we can’t take a lot of mechanical things like toasters, unless they are listed for commercial use.)

We promise to give you visitation rights if you need them!

We know it’s uncommon for a cafe to ask for things like this, but we’ve been touched by the outpouring of support and well-wishes we’ve received already.  Many people have asked how they can help, and while purchasing our stock is always an option, not everyone is in a place to do that.

As always, we appreciate everyone’s support, and look forward to serving you coffee and food in the very near future.


3 Responses to “Little things”

  1. shelley rothschild Says:

    Today my annual spice and herb replenishment arrived. You can’t imagine how wonder the box smells. I will be sharing my haul with Charmington’s. When I get some new glass canning jars you will be getting the following: fennel seed whole, garlic flakes, onion flakes, bay leaf whole, ginger root (cut and sifted c/s), celery seed whole, poppy seed whole, safe leaf ground, marjoram leaf c/s, chili powder, anise seed whole, Italian seasonings mixture, basil leaf ground, cumin seed ground, sesame seed hulled, paprika, thyme leaf c/s, rosemary leaf whole, lemon peel c/s, cardomom seed ground, and last but not least . . . . . vanilla bean pods. During the summer I will also have a nice supply of fresh herbs.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Annnnnnnnnd we have a winner, for Mom of the Year!

  3. Cara Says:

    Thanks, Mrs. Rothschild. I can’t wait to cook with fresh herbs ad spices.

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