Testing recipes part 2


Last week I posted about the cooking party in which several members of Team Charm tried out some recipes.  Today I have some more photos from Amanda, and a little bit more about what we were making.

Lavender Chocolate Chip Cookies

Seriously, how cute is Amanda's kitchen?

Jen mixed up a batch of cookie dough that incorporated oatmeal, lavendar, and chocolate chips.

I was skeptical about lavender chocolate chip cookies.  I felt like chocolate chip cookies have survived for many years without any floral elements, and remain pretty much perfect.   Still, I’ve had lavender chocolate bars and enjoyed them, so I was willing to give the cookies a try.

We failed to truly test the recipe by letting the cookies cool and harden, and snatched them right off the cooling sheets.  They were less sweet than I expect a cookie to be, and the lavender flavors and chocolate flavors went well with the heartier texture of the oatmeal.


The final product: golden brown, with luscious chocolate chips still warm and melty from the oven, and a subtle odor of lavender.

Cream Scones

I bought a pint of heavy cream when I was making the imitation Berger cookies, and I only used half a pint, so I decided to use the rest in the recipe for cream scones given in Crust and Crumb.

I dutifully mixed the dry ingredients, and was getting ready to pour in the 8 oz. of cream that should’ve been left in the container, when I realized that it had turned, and was too far gone to pour–which is probably for the best.  as it kept me from ruining the batter.

After a quick walk to the store to get more cream–heavy whipping cream this time, and just the half pint needed for the recipe–I mixed it in. Though I had to add water to get the mixture wet enough to form dough, I must say, the scones were a success.  I added cranberries to the batter, and an egg wash topped with sugar to the top.  They came out golden brown and delicious!

Everybody must get scones.

Next time, I may press some cranberries onto the tops after the egg wash, just to make them prettier.


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