Real baristas have day jobs


Some of Team Charm plan to work full-time at the cafe once we open our doors, but many of us do not.  We have other jobs, careers, even.  Some of us are in school as well.  It’s going to be a challenge to fit cafe duties into our schedules.

I kind of marvel at it sometimes.  Why are we doing this?  Even In These Times, there are easier ways to work in food service than opening one’s own cafe.

On the other hand, why do anything?  Why play sports or make art or decorate your living room?  Because you want to.  Because it’s fulfilling even when it’s stressful and irritating.  Because some of us see an empty room in an old factory and just feel an overpowering urge to fill it with espresso machines and a wi-fi signals.

In truth, it’s because we all want a decent cup of a coffee, a bite to eat, and a nice place to sit, and we want you to have it, too.  I mean, not to say that individual team members don’t have other reasons.  Some of us are way into coffee.  Like, waaaay into.  Others have always dreamed of owning a business.   Mainly, though, we want to be the cafe we want to see in the world.  We want to make a place we’d like, where we’d want to hang out.

If that means some of us have to work early morning prep shifts in before a 9-5, or to juggle book keeping and exams,  so be it.


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