Charmed, I’m Sure


See that pretty building? That’s where our new café is going to be. Get ready, Baltimore . . . Charmington’s is coming this spring to a North Howard Street near you.

Located between the fine neighborhoods of Charles Village and Remington, Charmington’s will specialize in organic coffee and tea drinks, delicious foods, and in being an all-around great place to be. (We have some experience in these areas. See “About Charmington’s” to the right for more information.)

Keep watching this space for more information.


3 Responses to “Charmed, I’m Sure”

  1. Karolyn Says:

    Oh heavens, yes! Oh heavens, please!
    And good luck. See y’all soon!
    Happy Returns of the Day,

  2. Baltimore Eats Says:

    Check out the local farm-to-table food guide,! You may have seen our magazine around town, as well!

    You can sign up for our website and add your listing. There are tons of great features you can use, including our text messaging eats deals system as well as linking your restaurant to the local farms, orchards and vineyards that supply you! Contact

    Contact for more information! Can’t wait to see the doors open at Charmington’s!

  3. Susan Says:

    We are excited to welcome you to Miller’s Court. We have been waiting months for your coffee shop to come to this amazing building.

    The staff of Wide Angle Youth Media are happy to answer questions or provide feedback in anyway.

    PS. We are ready to buy good strong coffee!

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