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Ve Vant to Suck Your Data

January 11, 2010

We were quite touched to see the level of support we have gotten already from the community, just a few days after announcing our plans and months before we actually open. Oh, loving community, won’t you please take your affections one step further and sign up for our emailing list? The link is below or in the navigation to the right.

We won’t bother you too much, but this will give interested parties the ability to cash in on promotions, fill out surveys, and other frightfully exciting stuff.


Charmed, I’m Sure

January 6, 2010

See that pretty building? That’s where our new café is going to be. Get ready, Baltimore . . . Charmington’s is coming this spring to a North Howard Street near you.

Located between the fine neighborhoods of Charles Village and Remington, Charmington’s will specialize in organic coffee and tea drinks, delicious foods, and in being an all-around great place to be. (We have some experience in these areas. See “About Charmington’s” to the right for more information.)

Keep watching this space for more information.